Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



Last Night's Amusement

Bipolar Explorer
Michael Serafin-Wells (Thirteen November Music - ASCAP)


Set to try
Just not that high
For losin' it.
Black and bruisin' it.
Can't be missed.
Won't be second-guessed
Against your great success.
And if it mighta divided everyone on your side
You don't mind.
Any adjustment
That'll help to close the sale.
You don't mind.
They set you up just to fail.

Paint it up in glory
Just like a story
You already know the end to.
It's not so much that you've been cheated
You've been deleted
Like they told you, too.
Just like they told you.

"Ooh, can't be missed!
That must be right!
At any price!"
But their advice
When you take it all
On faith, unseen, unknown
Comes as no surprise
To wake and find
We're only on our own.

There's not an excuse left that anyone here can use.
Whatever you choose
It comes up spent.
Like last night's amusement.
Or yesterday's dollar.
And not til this hour
When you'd give anything you own
Or can borrow
Not to follow.