Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



Letter (to the Darkest Star)

Bipolar Explorer
Michael Serafin-Wells (Thirteen November Music - ASCAP)


Michael: "Writing this track focused the record, focused me. After Summer died, I literally could not move. Jason got me outta bed. Years before, I'd produced his "Spitbath" EP. He was still a buddy, but I hadn't seen him since. He just called me up and asked if I wanted to jam. I didn't want to - I was broken - but I said yes. I woke up late the afternoon he was coming over and thought I'd just call him back and cancel but something (Summer?) told me to get up, so I did. We started to play through the new stuff, the Summer stuff. He learned it and kept coming back. How could I not start writing? I got this down, we played it, he joined the group, I started to have a record for her...."


Love you like no other
Come for me
Never be another
Come for me
Took you, took your brother
Come for me
No reason I can discover
Come for me
Only lonely
Come for me
Everything that you told me
Come for me
From nothin' but dirt
Come for me
Do nothin' but hurt
Come for me
And I can feel you
But I don't know where you are
Won't you take
However distant or far
Come to me in secret dreams
From the darkest star
Won't you take me where you are?