Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



Lonesome West

Bipolar Explorer
Michael Serafin-Wells (Thirteen November Music - ASCAP)


What's one more more or less?
Left on the floor
With your confession.
Nothing like a loaded question.
The kind that always keeps them guessing.
Don't understand your tears.
Or if you were ever really here.
The veneer comes quite clear.
That's all you've left, left over here.
Never what you want it to be.
Or any part now you concede.
What's longed longed for laid to rest.
All over.
It's all over this Lonesome West.
What's the difference, anyhow?
What's it matter if you hate me now?
Flattery'll get us nowhere fast.
'Cause there's always worse disasters
Than just the fact that nothing ever lasts here.
The veneer comes quite clear. That's you all over...

It always ends the same:
Can't bear to hear, then just forget their name.
You tell me who's not to blame
When any defense can be used against you...