Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



Not The Truth

Bipolar Explorer
Michael Serafin-Wells (Thirteen November Music- ASCAP)


How can you keep talking through as if this were a test?
Where any of this is leading, now,
I'm afraid to even guess.
It's not the truth as we know it makes you flinch.
But knowing you, you'll make it do in a pinch.
Conversation with you is easy.
As far as these things go.
Just gotta remember keep both feet planted
As you slip into your next pose.
Well, it's a bit like mantra
The way you throw around
Who you "knew back in the day".
A backwards psalm to the soul you sold
And everyone that you betrayed
It's not the truth...

Not so famous folk fakin' a weary way forward
t' hide their shadow pasts from the sun.
And you do, too.
I know, 'cause it's what you told your gramma
To pray that you'd become.
One mighta hoped she'dve put in a word
For the rest of us while she had His ear.
But just the grandsirin' of you, I guess
Made it too much to expect from the old dear.
It's not the truth...
Hope to die and cross my heart.
But I'll make do without you.
And that's a start.