Michael Louis Serafin-Wells




Bipolar Explorer
Michael Serafin-Wells (Thirteen November Music - ASCAP)


All jammed up and the words don't fit anything you feel or know.
Come out all wrong for who knows how long
No matter anywhere you go.
Save it for later.
Save it for me.
You'll find that even so.
It's all in your hands - the high frequency bands.
And I can be your radio.
Static and erratic station.
Always all emphatic situation.
Tune it in.
Come in, come in, going out to come over.
Aural highlight.
Sight without vision.
Broadband, shortwave.
Closed-circuit intuition.
Fold all ambition to this soul transmission.
Way to go.
It's just one more instance calls for distance.
Every time you find they show.
It's over the heads of all the rest
But straight to the hearts of those who know.
A secret semaphore signal, loud and clear.
Special broadcast, hard and fast.
Only we can hear.