Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



The Nervous Set

Bipolar Explorer
Michael Serafin-Wells (Thirteen November Music - ASCAP)


Anytime at all
Right step, blue chip
See right through this
Dedicate the retrobated
Great escape clause
Right step blue chip
See right through this
Final station
Most favored nation
The nervous set won't let you rest
No no no
I might suggest, under duress
This thing could blow
Anytime at all
Red room, ice lip
Won't pull through this
This time, your dime
All will fall
Red room, I slip
Won't pull through this
Not this time
Or anytime
You place your bet
You'll get yours yet
Oh ho ho
Lies can't protect an overstep
I guess I'll go
'Cause anytime
Anytime at all
At all...