Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



Briefly Noted...

On April 24th, one day before his birthday, Michael was hit by a car within the crosswalk while out for his daily run around two in the afternoon and woke up in the ER. After surgery, and a pulmonary event (provoked by the same incident) days later - during which his heart stopped for a full ten minutes -  he eventually was released from hospital some weeks after and has been recovering with home care and physical therapy.


Still assessing the trauma, he'd like to stress his faith is only ever-strengthened and express his gratitude for angels on both sides of the divide.


However hobbled, Michael intends to continue work on both Bipolar Explorer's eighth album, Til Morning is Nigh: A Dream of Christmas, and the debut album of a new side project, Native Tongue, tentatively entitled Interiors. Both are expected for release before year's end on Slugg Records.


Beginning outpatient PT last week, Michael was told that his stubborn insistence on even trying to play guitar (while seated) with such limited range of motion, actually helped and is indicative that his recovery will continue apace.


Sessions for both albums continue, as well as work on his first book of memoirs about his late-partner and True Love, Summer Serafin.


So, more to follow.


With love & faith...