Michael Louis Serafin-Wells



Thanks For All the Lemons - CD and/or mp3 album

"You can't resist having these guys play your party - even though you just know the cops will come and shut it down. With their garage crunch and musical insanity - just listen to "Lemon Lip Gloss"! - and featuring punchy and playful songs like "Shut Up And Bite Me" (about a vampiric, presumably ex-, girlfriend), (the self-explanatory) "Flakey Girl" and a shambolic, Ramones-inspired cover of The Beatles' "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party", Uncle have a knack for recording their personalities as well as their music on tape. Garage as garage can be, Uncle forfeit polish for passion on "Thanks For All The Lemons", making it obvious they are a band that plays because they love to."

- ORB Confidential Spring 1996 cover feature and starred review.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Sauvage at Brooklyn's Mission Sound, Thanks For All The Lemons is Uncle's 1995 Slugg Records debut, featuring 8 songs by guitarist/singer Michael Serafin-Wells, 3 by lead guitarist Chas Milton Braun, 2 by bassist Gregg Rochman and 1 by drummer Bruce de Torres.

"The drunk record", Serafin-Wells calls it, "with everything turned up to 11. I guess there's some good stuff on it". The 15 tracks (plus an uncredited bonus of Braun's "Too Lazy") are an accurate representation of their live sets of the time. Raw, quirky and, well, inebriated, it includes signature tunes "Flakey Girl", (the would-be single) "Lemon Lip Gloss" and the shambolic cover of "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" they routinely closed their shows with. Although Serafin-Wells prefers Uncle's '98 follow-up, "Moving On To Solids", he admits this record remains something of a favourite to fans. "Both of them."