New track - "The Distant Horizon" - out today!

Bipolar Explorer are excited to have a new track on the new Various Artists compilation, “The Sound of Adventure”, from the UK's great Cities and Memory. 

A global, collaborative sound art and field recording program with the aim, as they say, “of remixing the world one sound at a time”, Cities and Memory have, over the years collected thousands of field recordings from around the world and commissioned artists to re-imagine them in composition.

We’ve been fans of the project for sometime, so we were particularly delighted when Michael and the band were commissioned by Cities and Memories to compose a work for this, their latest album. Working with a field recording made along the Piazza San Marco in Venice, the band both incorporated the original sound into the new piece and took inspiration from it in composing this new work, like an underscoring of the experience, both full of wonder and melancholy.

The new track is called “The Distant Horizon” and is the album's closer. It releases today, March 26th, on Bandcamp. Find the track here and the full album here