Michael's blog for his late-girlfriend, love and partner, Summer Serafin. The scattershot beginnings of a memoir...


Michael's bands - acclaimed NYC-based experimental dreampop trio Bipolar Explorer and celebrated NYC shoegaze duo Tremosphere. News, audio, video and links to Bipolar Explorer's eleven albums and six singles and Tremosphere's three albums and four singles on Slugg Records.

Bipolar Explorer's page on Wikipedia.


The first anthology of Michael's works for the theatre, Collected Plays, published by The Ginger Press, avail via Amazon.

(Neil) LaBute territory with fresh angles and sustained tension...   Excerpt from New York Times review of Michael's play Two From the Line, Off-B'way at NYC's Ensemble Studio Theatre” - David Rooney

— The New York Times

Real Real Gone" by Michael Louis Wells heralds the arrival of a writer with an acute sense of language and a special ability to dramatize human behavior. Through language that rivets with its imagery and humor, Wells peels away the layers of a relationship, revealing two different men who need each other terribly...   Michael's Real Real Gone- original production Off-B'way, New York's Ensemble Studio Theatre.” - Alexis Greene

— The Star-Ledger

Real Real Gone' is the best of the bunch, with language that laces the natural poetics of the street with erudition, dramatic revelations and passionate resolves...   Excerpt from review of original New York production of Michael's Real Real Real.” - Howard Waxman

— Variety

Slick and cynical, Wells's writing is ripe with political savvy...   - excerpt of review Michael's The "I" Word: Interns - original New York production.” - Nick Brandi

— Show Business

Wells handles the Beltway lingo with brains and Shavian brio...   - excerpt from review of  The "I" Word: Interns, original New York production.” - Michael Feingold

— The Village Voice

Serafin-Wells possesses one of the freshest and most authentic voices among playwrights now working. He has an uncanny knack for writing dialogue that rings with truth and yet suggests plainspoken poetry. Lines often overlap as characters talk over one another, or disintegrate with a character's unfinished or interrupted thoughts. The characters themselves have depth and dimension, as well as humor and humanity. Wells's dialogue beautifully (and sometimes hilariously) reflects the schism between what the characters think and what they feel, and the plays make a passionate case for the despair these young people feel in trying to cope in a society they view as sick with greed and hypocrisy...   Dramaturge Christine Sumption's book jacket remarks for publication of Michael's Collected Plays.” - Christine Sumption

— Associate Artistic Director - Seattle Repertory Theatre