District of Columbia

About: London Version, Premiere - collaboration Finborough Theatre / Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Cast: 4 men, 3 women.

Synopsis: On the eve of the 1988 Presidential election, a group of activists, loafers, students and ex-punkrockers must ask: what are one's morals really worth when idealism becomes inconvenient? And where does one go when it's time to leave your youth behind? Their answer, with humor and humanity, makes a passionate case for the despair people feel in coping in a society they view as sick with greed and hypocrisy.

Excerpt: "...All this was supposed to change in the 60's. It's twenty years later. What happened? Where are those people? They were going to make politics - and everything else - relevant. their big word, remember? The mainstream ate 'em up. they became as deaf as the generation they were dyin' to replace. Just look at the music, for one thing. Nothin' that came after they took off their big Koss headphones around 1973 mattered anymore. They stopped listening. They don't hear us. They got too busy inventing Classic Rock Radio and a national advertising strategy for The Gap. These people are not our friends!"

Published in anthology Collected Plays (c. 2014 The Ginger Press). Available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.